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How Is Vedic Astrology Different from Western Astrology?

As is evident from its roots in ancient, religious texts, Vedic astrology assumes a baseline spirituality which is mostly absent from popular practices of Western astrology. Vedic astrology is not a personality quiz or armchair psychoanalysis, it sets guidelines for how to live life through spirit and intention. The Four Pillars or Purposes revealed through a birth chart in Vedic Astrology are: 1. Dharma: How you fulfill your soul through daily activities; life’s purpose 2. Artha: How you generate income and meet survival needs 3. Kama: How you go after your desires 4. Moksha: How you achieve enlightenment or liberate your soul

How Is It Different to Western Astrology?

The Vedic astrology chart is set up using a Sidereal chart, which gives the exact position of planets at birth. The Sidereal chart is also known as the Fixed star system. Most Western astrologers use the Tropical Moving star system. This system has now moved by more than 23 degrees away from the Vedic system and continues to move, so it could be that some or many aspects of your chart will change between the two systems of astrology, possibly giving quite different readings. . Generally the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto or any other meteorites are not used by Vedic astrologers. The Vedic system though spiritual, is also a very useful tool for self -development as well as looking at the more practical elements of life. Such things as psychology, relationships, wealth, career, health, desires and understanding your life purpose are all part of your spiritual journey according to Jyotish.