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How Vedic Astrology can help for health?

A Vedic Astrology reading can also provide helpful information for health, pinpointing the more vulnerable organs or body systems that need greater care and attention throughout one’s life. It can also identify the times of increased stress for the body when disease might manifest in full force or when regular medical exams might be absolutely necessary. By finding out that their health is likely to suffer at a certain time, a client can take preventative steps before entering the difficult astrological period.

While the predictive ability of Vedic Astrology can help one navigate life with more ease and grace, I feel that its highest gift is its ability to reconnect us to our own sense of knowing. We all possess an inner sense of knowing where the universal flow (the flow of life) is taking us, but at certain times, due to stress or fear, we lose touch with it.

At such times, Vedic Astrology can help reconnect us to our intuition and the sense that life is unfolding exactly how it is supposed to.